Saturday, 13 December 2014

Winter Goldfish

Cold winter light is so good! This top is amazing, it needs more outings.

Velvet tunic top: Vintage handmade, 1960s? - gift, from charity shop
Black satin lounge pants: Vintage - charity shop
Fur and fake pearls collar: Vintage, The Wardrobe, Hastings
Pink paste earrings: Vintage 1930s, gift, from antiques shop Rye
Flowers: The last roses from the garden

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sleek Sunset

Only had about 5 minutes to take photos in this light, it was a challenge! They remind me a bit of 'Club Silencio' David Lynch's Mullholland DriveX

Lilac Lurex

I'm wearing an amazing 1960s lilac lurex shirt-dress with one of my new leather badges.

I've been having fun playing around with lighting and trying to create atmosphere in recent photos. Wearing clothes can be like getting into character, which I love!

My favourite thing was to dress up in costumes as a child, best outfits were: an old red velvet curtain as a cape (naturally); wearing old pieces of fabric draped around me toga/angel style (I still have a piece of gold material I used to wear wrapped across my body like a sash); a Jasmine from Aladdin costume (the outfits in the film were way better, my favourite outfit of hers being when she was a slave to Jafar) and my ballet-wear/costumes (I remember in particular my favourite item was a sheer black wrap-around skirt which secured with velcro, I still feel really sad I don't have it anymore! Where do these things disappear to?!). But I haven't really spent much time just messing around with clothes in quite a while! Where's the fun gone y'know?!

So I'm aiming to get a bit more playful again - off I go to the dressing up box! X  

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Leather Badges

I've been really enjoying making these leather badges recently, so great to be able to make something relatively quickly and then to wear it! A really satisfying thing. X