Sunday, 13 April 2014

Shop: Cute outfits!

Find the dress here and bag here

Find dress here and bag here

This jacket isn't up for sale but will be soon, the yellow polka dot blouse can be found here

Coat can be found here and dress here

This skirt and top set can be found here and the lace bed jacket here
I put together a few outfits from some of my super cute stock! All of these can be found in the links above. This was fun, I'm gunna do more of this! X

Thursday, 10 April 2014

New Stock: It's Shoe Time!

90s zip up Dr Marten's, size UK 5

60s brown sling-backs by 'Miss Holmes', UK 3-4

90s blue leather sandals, UK 6

These strange little beauties are fold-able 60s pumps/slippers, UK 4-5

These are oldies, probably 40s, UK 6 and made in Southampton!

Stiff leather, steel heeled black leather booties, UK 4

Awesome huge platform black 90s boots, UK 5

A very similar pair to the ones above but UK 7

Hardly worn brand new Dr Marten's, UK 6

Amazing brown suede lace up knee-high boots, UK 7

And these are my favourite of course! Truly fantastic 60s/70s gold platform sandals, UK 5.5-6

It's looking like a shoe week next week, so roll up! roll up! for some fantastic bargains aplenty! X

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Outfit: Riding pants and 1940s coral jacket

So, I forgot I had these trousers, which means I've been missing out on curve-hugging comfort for who knows how long! Really great, by Berterex, and pretty similar to those American Apparel riding pants actually, but thinner fabric. I wanted to take some photos of my 40s coral jacket already and it turns out it goes really well with these trousers! X

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New stock!

Dark green velvet handmade 1960s mini dress

Reproduction prarie dress costume

White broiderie anglais 70s sun dress

Vintage 60s red and blue polka dot sun suit

Vintage 1950s/60s powder blue netted prom dress

Vintage 1950s yellow and white polka dot silk blouse

Vintage duck egg blue silk blouse

Vintage 1950s/60s butter-soft lemon yellow leather handbag with its original labels still attached!

Vintage 1940s tiny size waffle cloth lemon yellow dress

Vintage 1950s romantic Bergdorf Goodman powder blue prom dress
All coming soon here! X

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Spring has arrived!

My outfits have been getting more and more Spring-like recently, culminating in me wearing cotton trousers...out...gosh! I really really love this coral 1940s jacket I'm wearing in the last pics, the shape of it is so flattering and the colour so wonderful, I'm going to do a more detailed post on it tomorrow so you can see how glorious it is! X